But this is where we really bring value. Our approach is different, built from the ground up, and led by data and first-hand insights into your business, from those who know it best..


You may find yourself trying to differentiate management consulting and business consulting, well there is a difference. Management consultancy primarily focuses…


Companies that want to establish a company or open a branch in the UK have to fulfill many procedures and at this point, they need to act by paying attention to certain factors…


We are the United Kingdom authorized agent of USEL MAKINA  and for this purpose, we provide brokerage services to our customers…

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DC Technology Solutions

A New Perspective on Your IT Solutions

We offer unconventional solutions for Business, SME, Home Workers and Home users.

DC Medical Tourism

International Treatment

DC Medical Tourism Offers the Best Solution for All Patients Seeking International Treatment Options.

Daphne Cambridge Turkiye

Solutions for Turkish citizens who want to study in the UK and invest in the United Kingdom

(Turkish content)

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We work with the best for you to produce the best. 

Welcome to Daphne Cambridge Ltd, your trusted and reliable partner for all your business needs. We are a dynamic and diverse business consultancy company, established in 2021 in the beautiful and historic city of Cambridge, England.

We offer a variety of services to help you grow your business, expand your market, and achieve your goals. Whether you need expert advice on business strategy, management, sales, or marketing, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you.

Featured Products

Our most preferred USEL machines.


USEL STORMA 5 Axis CNC Monoblock Bridge Saw Machine

Storma 3 Axis PLC

USEL STORMA 3 Axis PLC Monoblock Bridge Saw Machine

Storma WaterJet

USEL STORMA WaterJet Cutting Machine

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